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Welcome to our site of glass carboys especially designed for making wine, beer and other beverages.

Description of glass carboy

A glass carboy is a big glass bottle used for making beer, wine, mead and other beverages. A glass carboy is especially designed for successful wine or beer fermentation. They are closed with some special fermentation locks or stoppers. As a result, bacteria and oxygen can't enter inside the vessel.

Glass carboy sizes

The choice of glass carboys for sale is very great. They differ in volumes. They can be 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 10 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 15 gallon, 7 gallon. The most widely spread glass carboys are the following ones:

  • 5 gallon glass carboy. It is used for brewing beer and winemaking. The height is 19.5, the diameter is 12.
  • 6 gallon glass carboy. It is ideal for primary fermentation. Its height is 22.
  • 6,5 gallon glass carboy. It is also suitable for primary fermentation.
  • 3 gallon glass carboy. Its height is 16.5, diameter is 10. It is widely used for secondary fermentation.

Glass carboy and its accessories.

For successful brewing together with a glass carboy it is good to buy the following glass carboy accessories:

Carboy brush.

It has a convenient L-shape. Thanks to which you will be able to wash all the vessel without any problems.

Carboy stopper.

Being odor-free it will not allow anything to enter a glass carboy.

Carboy handle and carrier.

With the help of them you will be able to lift, move glass carboys without any difficulties.

Glass carboy application.

As it has been said before, glass carboys are widely applied in beer brewing and wine making. A lot of homebrewers prefer them as they are very convenient in using. Firstly, they are made from glass. So you can see through glass carboys and observe what is going on inside. Secondly, they are easily washable with the help of a carboy brush.

Winemakers also like to use glass carboys. It is very convenient to make wine from fresh fruits in them. A 5 gallon glass carboy and 6 gallon glass carboy are often used for these purposes. The bigger carboys are used as primary fermenters and the smaller ones are applied for secondary fermentation.